Why Landau CIQ

The CIQ premise is that great marketing is driven by strong consumer insight

You probably already know that, after all it’s what:

  • The text books say
  • The marketing success stories say
  • Business leaders say:

The consumer is boss
Alan Lafley, Former CEO P&G

For every player in this industry,
understanding the consumer is key
to success

Carl-Henric Svanberg,
President and CEO of Ericsson/Chairman BP from Jan 1 2010

Landau CIQ

Landau CIQ was created after observing that while everyone knew the theory, companies were finding it hard to be 'great' at Consumer Insight

The insights are all there, but we want to play safe, so never really capitalise on them. ...It's just the new fancy name for market research. ...We never seem to believe in our own insights until the competitor acts on them.  Then everyone runs around saying 'how come we missed that one?'

Source: Conversation with marketers in the corridors of blue chip companies

CIQ believes 'Insight' is one of the most misused words and misapplied concepts in the marketing vocabulary

Landau CIQ was built from a passion for building consumer CIQ, not just amassing research reports. The company was founded to help companies become great at using insight to drive growth and strengthen their brands.

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Why did Insight become the marketing 'I word'?

  • Because what an insight is, is often not really understood
  • Because powerful insights are not easy to uncover
  • Because capitalising on insights requires hard thinking, tenacity and some tough decisions
  • Because getting the report in from the Agency is often only the beginning, not the end…

Landau CIQ's passion is for uncovering insights and applying them to your business challenges, making the CI culture an inspiring, entrepreneurial and confident force for change and growth within a company.

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