There can be many different starting points for needing to build CIQ (Consumer Intelligence quotient)-some organisations have never created a consumer led culture and want to make the shift. However, a need to build CIQ can also apply to organisations that are actually quite evolved in market research approaches and procedures, but feel they may not be acting with the highest level of consumer intelligence, despite their best efforts.

Some of the most common signs that you might need to build your CIQ are listed below. The list is based on our observations across many different companies and industries. If any one of these signs rings true, think about whether your organisation is really operating with a high Consumer Intelligence quotient and whether you need to make changes to build your CIQ.

10 signs that you might need to build your CIQ

  1. You do not have a clear and robust vision and plans to grow your business
  2. Your product launches are a bit hit and miss and you are not entirely sure why
  3. Project strategies keep changing as time goes on- You spend a lot of time back-tracking or reworking projects before finalising products/communication for launch
  4. You are not really sure most people in your organisation know that much about your consumer
  5. The market research function seems to operate in a silo from the rest of the organisation and is not involved in key strategic sessions
  6. You feel sometimes the organisation has become a slave to the market research result/process, even when it seems to defy intelligence
  7. A lot of market research goes on but it is never really easy to apply or even understand it
  8. and even when good insights are identified the organisation finds it hard to align behind them and activate them
  9. Market research seems more of a ‘blocker’ than an energising and inspiring force for growth in your organisation
  10. You feel market research results are a bit of a ‘political football’ in your organisation
  11. There is little thought towards career management and development of the people within the insight departments – you feel you may not have enough talent or are not doing enough with the talent you have