What we do

Training and coaching marketing professionals in the core competencies of consumer marketing.


Helen Landau has:

  • More than 10 years experience as a Marketing Trainer and has run training for more than 400 marketing professionals in key marketing skills, such as brand positioning, concept writing, advertising development and market research approaches
  • 360 degree experience of training process, combining not only class room expertise, but experience of leading training development and training procurement
  • Global experience-Helen has personally trained marketing professionals across the globe running sessions in Asia, Latin America, Australia as well as across Europe and has real experience of what is required for successful international training across a global delegate pool.

What's in it for you?

  • Great organisational training in consumer marketing competencies
  • Access to industry best practice /adapted to suit your organisation
  • Competency development for your teams/organisation


Building a clients’ CIQ by building marketing competencies in concept writing

CIQ developed and delivered a training programme for the client to write motivating and consumer relevant concepts to support the new product development process. The client was not short of ideas but lacked the skills to turn ideas into powerful concepts. The training gave them the tools and knowledge to embed a consistent approach across the region.

Building a clients’ CIQ by co facilitating a 3 day training course in consumer insight

CIQ co-delivered the 3 day training course to an international marketing team, in partnership with the client. The course trained the marketing teams from several countries in the principles and approaches to develop and apply consumer understanding to create strong brand positionings, powerful concepts and track and build their brand's health. The delegates left with a practical tool kit to apply their learning ongoing.