What we do

Help clients fuel innovation streams and drive excellence in marketing programmes from deep consumer understanding, applied with the best practices of creativity.


Developing and embedding a consumer led innovation process from idea generation to in market validation across a region and category groups to fuel the new product development programme

Running more than 50 idea generation sessions on topics ranging from new product development, to margin improvements and human resources issues

Sourcing/running innovation training programmes to embed best practices across an organisation

What's in it for you?

  • Upgrading/reenergising your innovation processes
  • Identification of new consumer relevant ideas
  • Unlocking organisational innovation barriers.


Building a clients’ CIQ by using customer understanding to fuel an insight driven innovation programme

CIQ facilitated a day workshop to generate powerful new product ideas for the client that would work across the East European region and followed this with a concept workshop, where the principles of concept best practice were embedded by translating the ideas into concept best practice.

Developing a customer connection and innovation programme for a client

CIQ worked with the client to set up a multi country customer connection programme and then facilitated a 2 day workshop to generate new product ideas based on customer understanding to meet short and medium term needs.