What we do

Landau CIQ helps organisations define, build, manage and leverage a consumer insight programme for growth.

This might mean working with a company that wants help to start up a consumer insight function or programme to drive achievement of their business goals. It can also be working with companies who are relatively more mature in their approach to insight, but want support to upgrade the value of their insight programmes.


Landau CIQ competence derives from real experience working in leading companies, including:

  • Building and leading a ‘start up’ global consumer insight structure for a major organisation
  • Over 20 years experience of defining/managing and using all forms of consumer /marketresearch to achieve business goals across more than 40 countries across a broad range of consumer categories
  • Leveraging insight to develop and guide brand and category strategies and drive new product development streams

What's in it for you?

  • Experienced leadership of major insight initiatives
  • Optimised spend management of 3rd party agencies
  • Approaches that help ensure insights are truly being applied to serve commercial goals

Some recent projects on insight nuts and bolts

Building a client's CIQ through a clear analysis of a 16 country U&A study and identifying 9 power insights to really shape their business.

Landau CIQ helped a client make the most of a huge investment in an international U&A and diary study by analysing the data and creating a series of powerful presentations that led to clear recommendations for optimising the business strategy and driving business growth.

The field project and first reports had already been run by a 3rd party. However, the client turned to CIQ to make sure they got an analysis that would be most helpful to the business, one based on insight and one that clearly identified the implications and growth opportunities. 9 power insights were identified that really could be used by the client to underpin their strategy and drive their growth programmes/ Landau CIQ also worked with the client to develop and facilitate a 2 day international workshop focussed on applying the 9 power insights and defining the required action plans associated with them.

Building a clients' CIQ by partnering with their in house team to deliver a huge volume of projects very quickly.

CIQ helped a client define, run and analyse a huge series of international market research projects, across Europe and North America. The studies ranged from simple omnibuses, through qualitative studies, product testing and complex analytical approaches. Landau CIQ leveraged its experience as a research buyer to select and manage the third party agencies for optimal results and to identify insights necessary for business decision making, working in partnership with the senior internal client team.