Landau CIQ Network

Landau CIQ is a small organisation with a big network:

The market research agency network

Landau CIQ operates independently, but has an extensive network of market research suppliers built up over more than 20 years of industry experience, working across more than 40 countries and across the full gamut of market research techniques. This includes nearly all of the ‘big guys’ as well as many smaller specialist players, allowing it to negotiate and recommend optimal solutions for the client’s need.

The expert consultant network

Landau CIQ also has an extended network with a trusted pool of independent consultants of the highest quality. This allows Landau CIQ to bring in other talents on larger global projects, tailor making the services that the client requires. The teams are put together using an associate network basis which minimises Landau CIQ's overheads, meaning it can deliver great consultancy teams with excellent value for money for the client.