Landau CIQ operates as an associate model with a strong network of trusted partners globally, enabling it to put together a ‘perfect team’ to lead large scale projects and when market research is required, it uses its experience as a seasoned research buyer to make optimal recommendations for the client, blending its knowledge of leading agencies and smaller specialist organisations

CIQ Values

  • Building competencies not dependency
    Our Perspective -Repeat business means a lot to us, but not when it comes by creating a dependency or by playing the guru and keeping our knowledge to ourselves. We believe developing a clients’ competencies is very consistent with a long term relationship, in fact it means that repeat business with you requires us to keep fresh and growing too (which is what we love to do!).
  • Passion for unlocking existing talent and knowledge
    We believe most organisations are probably not using existing talent and knowledge optimally. Our consultancy takes as a starting point that you probably have clever people and good information and we always look within before we start suggesting new approaches and extra spending
  • Being passionate about maximising client value
    Having stepped so recently from a buyer situation, we are obsessed
    with client value for money and that includes looking at ways
    to manage our own time
  • Having a flexible and creative approach
  • Being an energising and inspiring force. We believe insight should
    'bring light' to a situation, making complex situations clearer,
    guiding strong decision making, but also energising and
    inspiring our clients